A Semester Begins

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For those of us who spend a lot of time around college and university campuses, Tangeman_student_centerthere’s nothing like that week when thousands of students move back to campus (some for the first time) and every student org is having cookouts, ice cream events, ultimate games, and all kinds of other activities trying to engage students and get their attention.

One of the great things about doing ministry out of a coffee house is that I don’t have to work too hard to get face time with new students. They just show up. Looking for their new hangout, some free wifi, delicious drinks and treats along with good old-fashioned hospitality.

But perhaps even easier than owning/running a coffee house is just being present. Be on the campus. Spend some time where students are hanging out. Exegete the culture. Pray. And be ready to strike up a conversation. Transformed lives are just waiting to happen. God is certainly pursuing all these students in various ways. A campus minister just positions herself/himself to be a catalyst for conversation, relationship, and hopefully discipleship.

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