Kansas State/Sparrow Coffee in Manhattan

sparrow_coffee“Sparrow Specialty Coffee”

Describe Ministry: The goal of Sparrow Specialty Coffee is to connect people with the love of Christ. There are many misconceptions of the church and Christians in today’s world. At Sparrow, we strive to show love to each and every person that comes into our shop. Our conversation starter is simply a cup of coffee.

Location/Campus: K­State/Manhattan, KS

Who’s Involved: Sparrow is under the umbrella of the KS District Church of the Nazarene but has local ties with the Manhattan Church of the Nazarene. Steve and Shari Myers and Lyle and Kay Markey are the two families that oversee the coffeeshop and its operations. Scott Nading is the Director of Ministry/Manager of the shop.

Model Being Used: Coffee Shop


“The Remnant”  

Describe the Ministry: The goal of The Remnant is to provide a service that goes beyond the typical church service. This experience involves a modern worship experience, relevant topics and messages, round table discussions, a community focus, and a coffee house atmosphere.

kansas_state_manhattanLocation/Campus: K­State/Manhattan, KS

Who’s Involved: The Manhattan Church of the Nazarene launched the service as an extension of the church. The goal is to reach more K­State with this service specifically. There are three main speakers at this service, Pastor Steve Myers, Pastor Scott Nading, and Jesse Campbell (local licensed)

Model Being Used: Evening Service/On Campus Meetings