Oklahoma University

Oklahoma_university_logoThis campus ministry has been in formal existence since 1992.  It has had a history of ministering from a house location near campus providing free lunch to students.  In effort to create a sustainable model of ministry is has sold it’s location and is exploring what it means to be a placeless ministry. This gives us the flexibility to meet students where they are: coffee shops, restaurants, or on campus.  The tables at these locations serve as our “place” of ministry.  In other words, we may no longer have a permanent “place” but we always have a place at the table.  Currently we are meeting in a variety of ways.  We have an aspect of  ministry called Coffee & Company. This weekly meeting at a coffee shop helps us build relationships with students while meeting new students each week. Our small groups that meet at houses or restaurants are meant for deeper relationships that are interested in forming close relationships with other students.  In addition, we have weekly bible study that meets at our local Nazarene Church for those interested in deeper spiritual formation.  Part of our history that we will continue are forums that address the topics of faith and the intersection of vocation.  Lastly, we engage most of our time in one-on-one relationships with students for support, encouragement, and mentoring. We believe it is important to support the spiritual, developmental, and intellectual growth of those attending the University.