University of Cincinnati

In 2009, a new ministry at the University of Cincinnati launched by way of a partnership with the Southwestern Ohio District Church of the Nazarene and the CCO ( As a result, Chris Bean was appointed as a full-time campus minister at Cincinnati and the Journey began…literally. “Journey” is the main fellowship of students which meet weekly at the Edge House, a Lutheran-owned ministry space which is shared by 3 separate campus ministries.

Over the past 8 years, Chris has paired coffee with campus ministry and developed a unique environment of hospitality and discipleship where students are transformed so that they can then transform the world.

More recently, Chris has begun to connect with students and even some faculty over at The 86 Club. 86 Club Ministries runs the 86 Coffee Bar & Concert venue where hundreds of UC students hangout every week.

Along with the weekly fellowship group (Journey) and Chris’s one-one-one discipling connections with students, there are some new groups and ideas on the horizon for this ministry. A student organization focused on Speciality Coffee will launch in the Fall of 2016 which will engage many more students with the mission of The 86 Club, the CCO, and Pneuma Coffee. Pneuma is a coffee roasting business started this past year to help provide funding as well as new coffee initiatives like service-learning trips to countries like Guatemala so that students can serve in our coffee-producing communities and make a difference in the lives of the families who provide the coffee we serve in Cincinnati.

We are also launching a “conversation cafe” in the Fall of 2016 for students who want to engage in some dialogue around issues of faith, science, and culture. We hope this will provide a safe space for students to wrestle with the religious deconstruction many students are experiencing while helping them to reconstruct an authentic faith based on the Gospel.

The University of Cincinnati has a great community of campus ministries that are making a difference in the lives of hundreds of students. The CCO and the Church of the Nazarene are glad to be partnering together with Chris to reach and transform college students to transform the world.