University of Tulsa

Tulsa_university_logoRev Dianna Lynn Potter

The University of Tulsa is in Midtown Tulsa Oklahoma. Tulsa is one of the key places in the United States for the start of the oil industry. The University of Tulsa has Engineering and other disciplines focused on the oil industry that is known worldwide. There is a diverse student body.  International students make up over 1/4 of the students. More than twelve hundred students from 79 countries ( The University sits in a diverse racial and economic area of Tulsa.

The University of Tulsa was founded by the Presbyterian Church, they maintain a chapel and are the starting place for ministries wanting entrance to the campus. They register ministers on campus through a role called “Campus Ministers.” I registered in 2011 4.5 while I was a Associate Pastor at a Nazarene church close to campus.

I have partnered with a Tulsa based International Student

Ministry. I also attend Wesley Foundation, and Presbyterian events and more. All to meet, build relationships with students and throw out seeds. I also spend time in the student union and have had quite a few neat encounters there and opportunities to pray with students.

I am what I like to call a dual missionary. TU is one mission field and another is the airline where I am employed full time. My income from my work supports over 90% of my personal and ministry expense. I do have a Campus Ministry ministry expense reimbursement fund on the NEO district where people donate. I serve as Volunteer District Campus Liaison and work to help churches be aware of the opportunities God had brought to the front door of many churches with schools and International students and other immigrants.